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Duct Rodders 11mm – cablelaying equipment

Duct Rodders 11mm

Conduit Duct Rodder 11mm x 200 Meters

HD Series 11mm x 150 Meters, 11mm x 200 Meters or 11mm x 250 Meters Conduit Duct Rodder with Standard Rod or ST Series Traceable Rodders

  • Designed for the Australian working работа в москве environment in conjunction with Australians leading cabling contractors
  • Frame manufactured from C350LO Structural Round Pipe
  • Fabricated by a Qualified Australian Boilermaker
  • Frame and Reel – Powder Coated “Safety Yellow” or Electroplated Zinc Dichromate
  • Adjustable/Removable Through Hardened Rod Guide Roller – fitted with Precision Sealed Bearings
  • M20 316 Stainless Steel Main Axle and Stainless-Steel Clutch/Brake Handle
  • Nylon P66 Solid Lubricant Impregnated Axle Bushes
  • 2x100mm Diameter Acetal Clutch/Brake Discs
  • Foam Filled- Puncture Proof https://jobitel.com Tyres fitted with Precision Sealed Bearings
  • Highest Quality 11mm European Rod
  • Highest Quality 11mm European Trace Rod with one central 1.05mm Diameter High Purity 99.99% Copper Trace Wire