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About Us – cablelaying equipment

About Us

Welcome to Xstream cabling equipment работа в москве

  • manufactured by QSS Engineering.  We are an Australian Engineering Company manufacturing high quality cable laying/ handling equipment.

    We bespoke design and manufacture Assets that provide years of service with minimal downtime and maintenance.

  • Underground Service Location – Traceable Rodders.

    Undergound Service Location has become an absolute necessity for the protection of Underground Assests.   Thousands of dollars are invested purchasing high quality Transmitters and Locating Equipment for cable detection.  In numerous cases, трудоустройство в сбп that equipment is then connected to poorly designed Traceable Rodders. keto-pure/

    Most manufacturers and suppliers of Traceable medadvice.net Rodders fail to understand the principals of Tracing and the importance of Current Flow. medadvice.net

    Three of the main defects are as follows:

    1. Traceable Rodders with the trace wire connected to the Rodder Frame allows the current to short circuit to the earth stake with minimal current travelling down the trace wire. Current travels in the least line of resistance.
    2. Trace rod with a small Diameter Trace Wires https://jobitel.com or excess Rod Length create high resistance and limit current flow. Correct current flow provides a high degree of location accuracy and a higher signal strength at depths.
    3. Faulty or badly soldered Trace Wire to Rod End connections also cause high resistance and limit current flow.

    Profitability is based on Productivity – Conduit Duct Rodders

    Due to an increasing demand, Conduit Duct Rodders for both Tracing and Rod and Roping have become one of our main products.   The NBN provided an unprecedented opportunity to quickly develop, fine tune and intensely test our rodding equipment under full commercial working conditions.   Working five days a week, for four straight years, our Rodders continuously out performed and out-lasted all other Imported Rodders.  They quickly became the workers’ choice due to their performance, ease of use, virtually maintenance-free and minimal rod breakages.

    Underground Service Location - Sondes

    Sondes are an essential and “expensive” tool for locators.

    The best way to safeguard against the loss of a Sonde is as follows:

    1. The use of high-quality rod. Breakages from poor quality rod is the main factor contributing to loss of Sondes.
    2. A rod end fitting that has been correctly fitted and checked for strength
    3. A flexible Sonde to rod connection

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    Email: philnorton@qssengineering.com.au.

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